How UGO Can Change Your World

Transportation and traffic always come together and we can't deny that it affects our daily lives. So many things that pop into my mind when transportation is concerned. 
  • Safety
  • Traffic
  • Cost
  • Time
These four connect and had been a big concern for all of us. Of course not just for commuters, but also for those who want to earn extra that will give good benefits. For many of us, getting a ride to our destination and not bringing our car would be convenient. For some, driving while earning is a big help to earn more especially to those whose salary is not enough to make a living for their family.

L-R: Mr. John Codorniz, UGO Technical Operations Chief , Norman Castillo, UGO Chariman, Ms. Mitchell Matias, UGO Founding Officer

UGO, a new TNVS player has come to the rescue! It was created by a group of drivers and operators who came up with the idea two years ago to relieve us with our transportation worries. Mr. Norman Castillo, UGO Chairman, Ms. Mitchell Matias, UGO Founding Officer, and Mr. John Codorniz, UGO Technical Operations Chief, are among the group of Philippine Transportation Network Org (PTNO) with about 28,000 members mostly fleet owners whose purpose is to serve Filipinos for a better life.

What is UGO?
  • UGO is a Philippine based ride sharing app and truly "TATAK PINOY"
What can we (driver & passenger) expect from UGO?
  • For drivers, UGO will only charge 10% per ride.
  • Once the driver hits the daily cap, the rest of his/her trips are free for that day.
  • For driver, higher gasoline discount.
  • For part-time drivers, there is a feature on the app where you can set your route to and from work so that the requested rides coming in will just be your route.
  • Book through text - it is designed to book through text if passenger doesn't have wi-fi access, but has to be registered first in UGO.
  • Book through website - passengers may also book through UGO website using their laptop or desktop.
  • Fare Metric - it is based on taxi and surge precision that is more reasonable compared to other rides.
  • Scheduled Rides - you may also book a scheduled ride for a family member on your computer. Just leave a note that it is for a family member; the driver instead will ask for the passenger's ID. 
  • SOS Alert - SOS button on the app which works both ways for passenger and driver when they feel that they are in danger or in an emergency situation. this will automatically alert their system that will be directed to the nearest police station. It can also be done by text if passenger doesn't have wi-fi access during the ride.

Hopefully January, UGO will be open for application from existing TNVS. For details, visit

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