Friday, April 20, 2018

ZOOM COURIER: My Shop's Trusted Delivery Service

Manila, Philippines – There are so many points that sellers consider in choosing the delivery service especially during peak season. Of course as a seller, I would never want to disappoint my buyers. It will affect my credibility which could result to low income. Since I started online selling, I have used Zoom Courier the same year it was established in 2016.

Last Christmas, I was so frustrated with Zoom Courier. I’ve been using their service for quite some time, because I believe that they’re the best courier company, fast courier in Manila, cheapest door to door service that’s really affordable to the budget and yet I experienced delays. I received negative feedbacks from my buyers and some cancelled their orders.  It came to a point that I tried using other courier – a big mistake, it’s worse! Other couriers I tried, took about two to four weeks before parcels were delivered – big fail!

So I went back to my first love, Zoom Courier. Tried once again to see if they changed to make a better service. What a surprise, they did improve. Well, I’m not contented yet and scheduled 3 more pick-ups to see if they are consistent with their improved services. Zoom Courier did prove that they changed, with lowest shipping fees and fast courier in Manila.

Why I chose Zoom Courier:

Cheapest door-to-door
    Metro Manila
    P40 small – 6.5 x 12, unlimited weight
    P60 medium – 9.5 x 14, unlimited weight
    P80 large – 12.5 x 17.5, unlimited weight
    P90 own packaging – P90 1st 3 kilos, P30 for the next rate per kilo
    P100 xl – 15 x 19.5, P100 1st 3 kilos, P30 for the next rate per kilo

    For provincial rate, visit

Free Pick-Up / Next Day Delivery
   Book a schedule on your Zoom account. 
   Just login and book with just a click, that's it!
   If your booking was done before 2pm cut-off, pick-up is same day and delivery is on 
   the next day within Metro Manila/GMA, and 3 to 4 days for provincial.  
   No hassle, no traffic.

   Both seller/shipper and buyer/consignee will receive notifications via email and text 
   of confirmed pick-up and delivery dates

COD (Cash on Delivery)
    COD is for transactions in Metro Manila / GMA for only P40 add on fee.
    This allows the buyer to pay on the day of delivery to Zoom Courier, which then sends
    the payment to the seller within 2 to 3 days. 
    In case the buyer has no payment when item is delivered, the parcel will be returned 
    to the seller.

   For items declared P1000 below, insurance is free for shipment or package.
   Low fee for items above P1000 through Valuation Charge (courier insurance).

I've trusted Zoom Courier almost 2 years now and as far as my experience and convenience is concerned, they are the best courier company in Manila. I highly recommend this to all online sellers. With affordable rates, no extra charges, fast delivery and easy to navigate website, what more can I ask for?

Visit and experience the best!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sitsirya Sari Sari: Pasalubong at Negosyo

Manila, Philippines – Filipinos are so fund of bringing home something (pasalubong) for families and friends. I remember during childhood how I patiently waited for my mom and dad to come home from work and see what they brought for us. Same thing when a relative from the province visits us, I look forward to what delicacies or sweets they have in their bayong (basket). I remember, a long time ago when I received a "pasalubong" from my parents' friend from Leyte and craved for more. Unfortunately, it's hard to find because it's a specialty from their province that you can only buy there. 

Recently, I discovered Sitsirya Sari Sari, sweets and delicacies from different provinces of the Philippines. One thing about me, I'm not easily impressed with delicacies that I see and tasted in stores. With Sitsirya Sari Sari products, I first tried their Bulacan Pastillas de Leche made with Carabao's milk, it's good, really, really good! My kids love the creamy taste and sweetness. With the rest of the 7 products that I brought home for my kids – Premium Dilis, Camarines Norte Pili Tart, Pampanga Barquiron, Bulacan Pastillas de Leche Bars, Special Pastillas de Leche (bottled), Camarines Norte Yema Tart, and Leyte Macapuno Mango Jam, all have excellent quality and taste. I like the bottled pastillas, it's not too sweet. And my least favorite is the Macapuno Mango Jam, I suggest add a little more sweetness. For the dilis, I like the balanced taste of sweet & spicy. 

Bulacan Pastillas de Leche
Premium Dilis
Camarines Norte Pili Tart
Pampanga Baquiron
Bulacan Pastillas de Leche bars
Special Pastillas de Leche  (bottled)
Camarines Norte Yema Tart
Leyte Macapuno Mango Jam

The story behind Sitsirya Sari Sari is something that I admire. Ofrace and Era Ocampo, owners, were both jobless after the assasination of Ninoy Aquino in 1983 due to the economic backlash that affected businesses. Because of not finding a job, the couple decided to sell kakanin inside a small supermarket, with a capital of P10,000 that they borrowed from the proceeds "abuloy" of the burial donations for Ofrace's father-in-law who just passed away then. From that small capital, they were able to expand from one specialty to a now multiple choice of sweets and delicacies from different provinces. Honestly, I never thought of that and I was so impressed with their concept and how they managed to go to different provinces to get the best tasting products they offer. 

Sitsirya Sari Sari products:
‣  Bulacan Microwavable Chicharon                                     
‣  Camarines Norte Pili Tart
‣  Bulacan Pastillas de Leche Langka                                    
‣  Bulacan Pastillas de Leche
‣  Bulacan Chicharon Laman                                                 
‣  Bulacan Pastillas de Leche Ube
‣  Sorsogon Pili Nuts                                                              
‣  Pampanga Asstd. Pastillas
‣  Bulacan PAstillas Ube / Langka Bars                                 
‣  Bacolod Piaya
‣  Bulacan Pastillas de Leche Pandan                                     
‣  Bulacan Yema
‣  Pampanga Asstd. Sweets                                                     
‣  Camarines Norte Yema Tarts
‣  Kablon Farms Tablea                                                           
‣  Bulacan Pastillas de Leche Tablea
‣  Mazapan de Pili                                                                   
‣  Bulacan Pastillas de Leche Bars
‣  Casuy Palawan                                                                     
‣  Bacolod Mango Bars
‣  Bacolod Mango Empanada                                                  
‣  Pampanga Cashew Boat Tarts
‣  Pastillas de Leche, bottled                                                    
‣  Pampanga Cashew Marzipan 
‣  Bacolod Butterscotch                                                           
‣  Pangasinan Burong Mangga
‣  Cebu Otap                                                                            
‣  Camarines Norte Macapuno Tart
‣  Baguio Premium Lengua de Gata                                        
‣  Wild Honey
‣  Bulacan Tamarind Balls                                                       
‣  Bacolod Cinnamon Biscocho
‣  Pampanga Polvoron Asstd. (peanut, pinipig, cookies & cream)     
‣  6 mix box
‣  Pampanga Turrones de Casuy                                                          
‣  Cebu Rosquillos
Existing Permanent Company Outlets:
Alabang Town Center • Circle C Mall • Eastwood Mall • Festival Mall • Glorietta • Greenhills • KCC Mall Gensan • Lucky Chinatown • Market Market • Robinson's Antipolo • Robinson's Galleria • Robinson's Place Ermita • Shangri-la Mall • Shopwise Antipolo • Shopwise Alabang • Shopwise Araneta Cubao • Tiendesitas • Abreeza Mall Davao • Gaisano Mall Davao

For your convenience, they are also regular consignors of the following malls:
‣ Kultura Filipino, SM Makati
‣  Kultura Filipino, SM Megamall
‣  Kultura Filipino, Main Mall, Mall of Asia
‣  Kultura Filipino, SM Aura Premier
‣  Kultura Filipino, SM Seaside Cebu
‣  SM MOA Hypermart
‣  SM Snacks Exchange, North EDSA
‣  SM Snacks Exchange, Megamall
‣  SM Snacks Exchange, MOA

Sitsirya Sari Sari  have been invited and participated in different trade shows, events and exhibits and featured in various publications and tv/radio shows. Mr. Ocampo is also a mentor of GO Negosyo where he shares his experiences and challenges in the world of business, lessons to know about business and more.

For inquiries on how to be part of their franchise or retail family, send an email to

Website:                      Facebook: @sitsiryasarisari
Instagram: @sitsiryasarisari                    Twitter: @SitsiryaSari2       

Credits to: JDR Event Marketing and Mr. Jeffrey de Real Rusios for the successful bloggers day with Sitsirya Sari Sari

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Banahaw Spring Purified Water: Filipino-owned Philippine Bottling Beverage

Manila, Philippines – Filipino-owned company Philippine Bottling Beverage (PBB), a new player in the purified water and non-carbonated drinks industry, has launched Banahaw Spring Purified Water at a well-attended media event on April 16 at the Manila House Private Club in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

According to Thor Jordan Mutuc, Business Development Manager at PBB, the company brought one of the latest European technologies to ensure that the production process upholds international standards and quality. "Our production facility located at the foot of Mount Banahaw in San Pablo, Laguna is at par with the world standards, fully automated and requires minimal human intervention preserving only the essential natural qualities of the water from the mountain," said Mutuc.

Revealing tht it took three years of research and testing before Banahaw Spring Purified Water has been finally released to the local market, Mutuc further emphasized the intricate process of producing the country's first purified water to have been named after its source.

"Today, we are sharing with you a purified water product harnessed from sustainable natural sources and bottled with care to ensure you get only safe and quality purified water as Filipinos can be proud of," he added.

Known for its pristine and lush rainforests, Mount Banahaw also serves as watershed for the provinces of Laguna and Quezon. The water from this vast mountain area is the source of these two provinces' supply, which are used for domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes.

Acknowledging the importance of Mount Banahaw, PBB also ensures it takes care of the rural community, where it belongs, and advocates strict compliance of environmental standards in its operation.

"Water sustainability is the most significant aspect of our business," Mutuc explained, "Beyond careful usage of water, we are putting in place measures that are geared towards protecting forests that nurture groundwater and contribute to the healthy circulation of water in nature."

Banahaw Spring Purified Water sizes:
  • 350ml
  • 500ml
  • 1 liter

Aside from being free of Bisphenol A (BPA-free), each bottle is design-engineered to support core handgrip.

For more information about Banahaw Spring Purified Water, visit

About the Company

Philippine Bottling and Beverage (PBB) Manufaacturing Corp., is a 100% Filipino-owned company whose business involves manufacturing, private labelling and tolling, as well as marketing, warehousing and delivery of bottled products. 

PBB has appointed Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. (BEVI), the company behind the success of the Kojie.san brand, sole distributor of its products . The appointment came as BEVI diversifies its portfolio venturing into food and beverage, among other businesses.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Bambini Baby Cologne 'Sunny Playtime' with Iya and Primo Arellano

Makati City, Philippines – Being a mom is a challenging role that many of us are finding ways to make it easy and fun. It is so different from the life we had before we had our little angels. 

Celebrity mom Iya Villania-Arellano admits she has forgotten how relatively easy her daily rouines were before Primo arrived. "Im not sure how I balance my career with being a mom and a wife; it just happens!" she beams.

"When you know what's important and what you need to get done, then you make it happen. It's important that I list things down so I won't forget. I really need to put things down in my calendar even if its date night with Drew or a playdate with Primo."

It's no wonder why Iya was the natural choice of Cosmetique Asia, the makers of Bambini Baby Cologne, to be its newest endorser, together with Primo. Bambini Baby Cologne underwent a brand refresh with a new look guaranteed to appeal to the young ones.

"We wanted to focus on the playful bond that kids share with their parents. With Bambini, we make these precious random moments more enjoyable. It is evident even in our packaging. We made sure they are attractive enough for children so in choosing what variant to buy, parents and kids get to have fun and interact. All these while maintaining high quality standard and other requirements most parents are looking for – hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. In the near future, we want to launch a complete range of child specific products with a fun loving vibe," says Cosmetique Asia's Vice President for Sales and Corporate Development, Tim Chuongco.

The new and improved Bambini Baby Cologne 5 Scents, inspired by mom-and-child bonding activities and fun elements of nature:

  • Morning Tickles - floral and sweet
  • Starry Lullaby - calming
  • Ocean Kisses - clean and breezy
  • Cotton Cuddles - cottony fresh
  • Sunny Paytime - citrusy and fun, Iya & Primo''s favorite
Like all working moms, for Iya, the greatest challenge is to be there for her child, "every moment he does something new or silly" and wanting to be there to witness it. And adding to the challenge and excitement is her announcement of having another of having another baby boy. "Primo deosn't really understand that yet so we're enjoying him as he is for now. When he starts to get curious with my growing belly, then we'll start explaining," she shares.

Recently, Iya and Primo joined toddlers and their parents, a perfect mom-and-baby playtime, for the official unveiling of the new Bambini Baby Cologne at Glorietta 3 Activity Center. The wonderful kiddie event transformed th venue into a wonderland of fun games and activities for kids, including a ball pit, a bouncy castle, giant puzzle blocks and a larger-than-life coloring book, where guests and their children could bond and enjoy the little surprises the activities bring out. 

As Bambini relaunches with a new product for babies and kids, it hopes to be part of every parent and child's small moments and big adventures. 

Available sizes:
  • 25ml
  • 50ml
  • 125ml
Bambini Baby Cologne is packaged in an easy-to-go grip curvy bottle, that lets the parents and children enjoy life's little surprises anytime, anywhere.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Curled with A Kiss

Makati City, Philippines – I normally just air dry my hair and twist it in a bun to curl my hair since it's natural. Always on the go as a mom, I seldom have time to do my hair the way I want it. I've thought of having it permed, but changed my mind. How I wish to have that gorgious curls like the ones I see on tv and billboards.

Asians typically have long, straight hair, but sometimes, we love to shake things up a little. When we want our locks to curl, sometimes we head to the salon for a perm, or to get our hair styled and curled to perfection. These trips always cost time and money ⎼ but what if we could only spend once and take care of our curling problems on our own? After all, who knows how to best take care of our crowning glory but ourselves, right?

At a recent launch event at the Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS), a revolutionary hair tool was introduced that made us literally kiss our hair problems goodbye: the Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler, This new baby is a way to keep our crowning glory beautiful without a hassle.

I 100% agree that the Kiss Instawave is every woman's best friend in curling our hair. In just about 5 seconds, it curls my hair! No magic, it's real!

What sets it apart from the ones I tried:

  • ease-of-use
  • good quality
  • fully automatic ceramic curler that heats up so fast, yet gentle to the hair
  • a push of the button, you'll get salon-quality, tangle free curls or wves
  • easy to carry around for any on-the-go curling needs

 It's like your personal pocket hairstylist!

Kiss Instawave is now available in selected Watsons stores and SM Department Stores nationwide.

For more information, follow Kiss New York PH on Facebook and Instawave Ph on Instagram.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Restaurant Depot: The place to be for Food Service Industry

Restaurant Depot is a membership-only warehouse club for people involved in the food service industry - canteens, food stalls, restaurants, caterers, home bakers, and chefs. Membership gives you access to a large selection of ingredients, food supplies, and kitchenware in a convenient shopping format, where buying in bulk translates to big savings.


FRESH AND FROZEN - Seafood, meat, chicken, and pork products have all gone through rigorous quality control standards by trusted suppliers and are priced competitively for your needs.

PROCESSED - From frozen dimsum products to processed meat products and shabu-shabu ingredients, Restaurant Depot has a variety of pre-made food products for business needs.

BAKING ITEMS - Restaurant Depot is a baker's haven with its specialized sections for fudges, syrups, flavorings, sprinkles, nuts and chocolates.

OIL - Giant sizes of various oil brands are available in the store for easy selection as well as an extensive selection of cooking oil, olive oils, and truffle oils.

DRY GOODS - Restaurant Depot has all the staples for a full service meal from flour, rice, salt to sugar products in bulk sizes.

DAIRY - Restaurant Depot's big sizes of mozzarella, cream cheese and dairy products gives you huge savings where it counts.

CANNED GOODS - Various sizes of canned mushrooms, corn, olives, tuna, and meat products are available to cover your kitchen needs.

NOODLES AND PASTA - Restaurant Depot has pasta and noodles in all shapes and sizes for your kitchen's recipes.

SPICES - Restaurant Depot has an extensive array of spices with shelves full of choice seasonings for your easy selection. Spices and seasonings are available in large packs, ensuring huge savings and more quantity for lower prices.

BEVERAGES -  From ready to drinks juices, beverage syrups, purees, to economical juice powder packs, Restaurant Depot provides numerous choices of beverage blends for your food service needs. The store also has a wide section of alcoholic products, from imported wines, beers and liquor for your bar needs.

SAUCES AND CONDIMENTS - Restaurant Depot has all the condiments to flavor your food, from ketchup, mayonnaise, mustards, soy sauces, fish sauces, and vinegars. Apart from this, Restaurant Depot brings world food cuisine to table tops with everything from Thai to Malaysian to Japanese condiments.

PACKAGING - With an extensive assortment of cupcake liners, pastry and cake boxes; as well as various plastic food storage sizes for take-out needs disposable party products in bulk, the store is filled with options for your packaging requirements. 

CLEANING - From scrubs to sponges and cleaning liquids, Restaurant Depot has larger sizes in order to optimize your cleaning budget.

TABLEWARE -  Restaurant Depot has dinnerware and drinkware for classic table settings, as well as table accessories to complete your tabletops.

KITCHENWARE - From flatware to small electrical appliances, Restaurant Depot has a wide array of pots, pans, kitchen tools and equipment to fulfill your needs.

Here at Restaurant Depot, you can find all these great selections under one roof. Our aim is to be your reliable partner - providing a convenient food service shopping experience where SAVINGS come in BIG SIZES.

Visit us today! Membership is free!
Store hours: 8am -7pm, Mondays to Sundays

Telephone Nos: 801-9717 / 801-9724 / 801-9822
Address: 2738 F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City
Facebook: @RestaurantDepotPh
Instagram: @RestaurantDepotPh

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Unique Christmas Gift of an Unforgettable Theater Experience: REP's 2018 81st Season Tickets

Getting a gift this Christmas is somehow a puzzle and can be stressful – from going to the mall, getting into traffic, long lines, and finding something perfect for our loved ones. For us, it's happiness seeing smiles on their faces when they open their presents. What could be a nice gift this Christmas?

Surprise family and friends with a unique gift of an unforgettable theater experience! REP's 2018 Season Pass for Repertory Philippines 81st season will give them joy all-year round.

I remember the days when we used to go to the theater with our mom and dad to watch plays and shows. It's such joy and lifetime memory that I will treasure forever! Live theater is for all ages after all, so give this amazing gift to a loved one and immerse them in REP's new lineup of inspiring shows. 

January 25 to February 18
Comedy of Tenors
A hilarious comedy about a colorful crew of musicians

March 2  to March 25
Silent Sky
A groundbreaking true story of female astronomers

April 6 to April 29
Arsenic and Old Lace
Laugh yourselves out of your seats as you watch this, a classic popularized by through a film-adaptation starring Cary Grant.

September 15 to January 27, 2019
• REP Theater for Young Audiences returns with a magical retelling of Rapunzel.

Where else will you get such a great deal enjoying the finest live theatrical productions in Manila? Give the special people in your life a one-year subscription to all four wonderful productions:

• Gold Season ticket (Orchestra Center)
   P3,700 only
• Silver Season ticket (Orchestra Side)
   P3,000 only

A season subscription for the first three productions is just as fantastic!
Gold Season subscription ticket (Orchestra Center)
   P3,200 only
Silver Season subscription ticket (Orchestra Side)
   P2,500 only

This offer is discounted 30% off regular ticket prices. Who wouldn't want a golden – or even silver – this Christmas? Have it in your unique list and give someone a chance to experience live professional theater performed by the premiere theater company in the Philippines - REP.

For inquiries, you may contact REP at 843-3570 and Ticketworld 891-9999, or log on to

For updates and show schedules, log on to, like and follow @repertoryphilippines on Facebook and Instagram, and follow @repphils on Twitter.

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