Envision 2019: The Premier Real Estate Expo in the Philippines will Connect All Real Estate Stakeholders

Housal.com, the most innovative Proptech solution for buyers, sellers, brokers and developers, invites all stakeholders in Realty and Construction to 'Envision 2019: The Premier Real Estate Ecpo in the Philippines' on July 19 and 20, 2019, to be held at SMX Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Mr. Serene Samuel, Vice President of Housal say: "We have brought the entire Real Estate market into technology platform. Envision is where we are doing a ground root where you can see everything light. We will bring together developers, brokers, anything and everything that is related to real estate will be there on this platform.

"The Philippines for the past 20 years has been growing tremendously, even for 2019 and 2020 there's still 6.5 percent GDP growth. This year, the Philippines is also recognized as the best country to invest in. If you really look at real estate, we also see that this quarter still 12.3 million houses needed by 2030. So, there's a lot of developments still going on. We see that in coming decade there's still a lot of progress going on here in the Philippines,"said Mr. Maarten Pennings, Director of Sales, Housal. "One of the biggest trends nowadays is digitalization, not just in the Philippines which is also worldwide. It's all about having access to data. The more access we have in data, the more demand, and the more power to consume. With Housal, with Envision, we are encouraging them digitally and live to make sure that people are as competitive as possible,"added Pennings.

Envision 2019 is a real estate event for:
  • Home Seekers
  • Home Sellers
  • Developers
  • Real Estate Related Companies
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Government Offices
There are 2 different settings offered for the two-day event:
First Setting - The expo which covers 140+ booths and is open to the public, accommodating thousands of visitors. Free registration is already started through the event website, www.eventbrite.com.
Second Setting - This focuses on business matching. In a VIP area, dedicated to business leaders, the Envision team organizes several curated sessions linking participating companies with one another based on their business goals. Complimenting the business matching and expo. 

Envision 2019 will have a line-up of top-notch speakers from the industry and continuous live entertainment to ensure that all visitors will have both a productive as well as a delightful experience. 

Day 1, July 19
0:00am                   IngressStart Registration
8:00am                   Start Registration + opening doors
9:15am                   Welcome, official launch
6:00pm                   Close Expo
Day 2, July 20
8:00am                   Start Registration + opening doors Xxpo
6:00pm                   Close Expo
6:00pm - 9:00pm    Egress

Housal, on the other hand is already working on a mobile app for ios and android. Right now they have a better verion of their website, and working day and night for version 2, and higher versions. They have very interesting things going on in the Philippines. In January, they are planning to launch the ios and android app. 

As of the moment, property inquiries can be made through their website which has about 30,000 to 40,000 properties and are planning to quadruple in the coming months.

In collaboration with event organizer PMCM Events Management, Envision 2019 invites all Real Estate Stakeholders from the Philippinesand beyond to attend, exhibit and sponsor. For more information, please visit envision.ph.

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