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Manila, Philippines -- I've heard and seen a lot of beauty products and I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me that not all are that effective and some has slow results. Koreans and Japanese have one of the most beautiful, smooth  and young looking skin. Why? What is their secret? I'll share with you some of the products I discovered from Beauty Magnet Store.

I'll start with the callouses on my feet that is so disgusting! Then, I got this pair of Silky Foot Peeling Mask and look at the amazing result! It is expensive to frequently go to foot spas, so I bought my own. However, even after weeks of soaking and scrubbing, the callouses are still thick. My feet are dry and you see some cracks on my heels. With this foot peel that I discovered, it only took 2 days to peel the sole & 4 days for the top of my foot to peel as well. The dry skin that made my feet look dark and old is different now. I see lighter complexion, smoother & younger looking feet. 

* It fits up to foot size 9

Here's another one that I love, the Korean mitt! In Korea, they use it as young as age 6. Koreans are one of the people in the world who are so conscious when it comes to beauty. The mitt is one of their beauty secrets. At first, I wasn't comfortable because of its really rough texture and after a minute of scrubbing I'm beginning to like it. Just "tap" it 3 times on your fave soap and start scrubbing. Rinse your body with water & I promise you, it leaves your skin so smooth. By the way, I used it first on my face then scrubbed down to my body. My blackheads are gone with just using it. My 13 year old daughter & 17 year old son are also using the mitt and they like!

The texture of my skin felt smoother. No more rough dead skin feeling after using the mitt in 2 weeks.
Body Scrubber Towel (hard beauty towel) -- This towel is about a yard long and can be used daily. What I do is use this alternately with the Korean mitt. I like is because i can scrub without difficulty reaching the entire back.

Bee Zin Snow White Whitening Tablets with Pycogenol Glutathione Arbutin 60 tablets

Snow White is a combination of the latest and most powerful skin whitening ingredients-- PYCOGENOL®, GLUTATHIONE AND ARBUTIN.

Studies show that...
PYCOGENOL® is 4 times more powerful in skin lightening than KOJIC ACID
Pycnogenol ® = Grape seed x 10 times, Vitamin E x 40 times, Vitamin C x 350 times, Lipoic acid x 1000 times

1 bottle contains 60 tablets. Just take 2 tabs, once a day. 

What I like about Snow White aside from its lightening effect on my skin, is also the prevention of darkening and premature aging. I am so vain with my skin. I don't like the feeling of looking old, so I really make sure that I use the right lightening and anti-aging. 

Magic Vitamin C Powder -- This tiny bottle of Vitamin C helps remove dark spots. Take a closer look at the amazing result! With just a small amount rubbed on top of the hand , it showed the fast lightening of the skin. 

QQ Collagen Jelly (20000mg Collagen) -- The Collagen jellies have varieties of flavor: peach, grape, orange and kiwi. QQ is for whitening and moisturizing. I tried the peach flavor and it's really good! You''ll love the taste and smells so yummy! 

Eye Bag Cream -- This cream is used to reduce the puffiness of the eye bags. Just apply it on your eye bags and after 15 minutes, you'll see the big difference! The puffiness reduced to about 80%! 

* Soon to be out in the market.

Other products

Beauty Magnet, House of Authentic and Effective Beauty Products celebrated it's 9th Beautiful year in the Philippines. It is owned by Ms. Manette Calupitan and all products she brought here are tested to be effective and safe. I myself don't just use products, I also try and test them. As far as beauty is concerned, the Beauty Magnet products I used are proven so effective and in good quality. Beauty Magnet Store will soon launch all new products. 

Check their website to see all amazing beauty creations! You'll be proud of the good result!

Beauty Magnet Store


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Beauty Secrets from Beauty Magnet

Manila, Philippines -- I've heard and seen a lot of beauty products and I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me that not...